by Peter Stürm

Part 1 of our Trilogy on Alexander the Great.

Hero, visionary or bloody conquistador? An imaginative journey into the life of Alexander the Great, concluding with the assassination of his father Philip II and Alexander being crowned King of Macedonia.

A small-scale show commendably large in ambition, Peter Stürm’s take on Alexander the Great, written entirely in verse for a cast of 12. Can barely fail to better Oliver Stone’s film on the same subject.” Evening Standard, Critics Choice

“Any Alexander fans living in London could do very much worse than a visit to the People Show Studios in Bethnal Green. There is a weird and authentically unsettling play about the great man being staged there at the moment – weird, because it is all done in verse, with a multitude of different accents and performance styles, unsettling because it has the feel of something genuinely Euripidean about it.  The action revolves around Philip’s marriage to Cleopatra, and Alexander’s explosive response to it. There are apparently two more of a trilogy to come!
Tom Holland (author of “Persian Fire”)

People Show Studios, London 2005

Ensemble Cristina Barreiro, Gerard Canning, Evie Craddock, Jacob Dylan Thomas, Glen Fox, LaNisa Renee Frederick, John Ioannou, Roland John-Léopoldie, David Keller, Amaka Okafor, Karlyn Stephen, Mario Vernazza.

Musician George Tooulis
Rhythm & percussion Victor Triviño
Costumes Victoria Lawton
Lighting Peter Harrison

Stage manager Jo Strickland
Director’s assistant Xenia Orphanides
Director Peter Stürm
Producer Caroline Staunton
Photos Peter Harrison