The Bell-Ringer of Lilybaeum

by Peter Stürm

This piece is set in a medieval Sicilian town and is a metaphor of a struggle for autonomy.

After years abroad a son returns home to challenge his father’s values. In a dramatic showdown he finds himself exposed & put to shame. Despite his mother’s pleadings the father decides to wall him into a belfry where he is condemned to ring the bell for the rest of his life. The piece concludes with a ritualistic dance in which the son is sacrificed by his father.

“The play is a brave attempt to challenge the theatrical conventions of plot, characterisation and theme, innovatory and exploratory” Ham & High

Theatro Technis, London 2001

Ensemble Siro Carrero, Evelyn Celerian, Will Huggins, Abbas Kazeroonian,  Dominic Letts
Composition/instrumentals Reynaldo Young
percussion Andres M Ticino
Sound Nick Allott
Design Ana Mestre
Lighting Peter Harrison
Director’s assistant/stage manager S. Ilona H
Director Peter Stürm
Producer Caroline Staunton
Photos Peter Harrison