About Us

SplitMoon creates and presents new and rarely performed drama with a bold imaginative vision and a distinctly international dimension. Our productions have an epic quality and frequently involve large casts and live music. We place emphasis on the craft of theatre, the skill of the actor and the importance of language. To achieve a particular style and depth of performance we carry out extensive research and development prior to a production.

We fervently believe in the cathartic role of theatre and its healing function in society. We also believe in nurturing new talent and offering audiences ground breaking work that takes risks and pushes boundaries.

SplitMoon is a registered charity and a member of ITC (Independent Theatre Council). We were the very first company to pioneer the Equity/ITC Fringe Agreement when it was launched in 2005 and have since progressed from this. As well as our strong actors we have also involved professionals from all five continents.

SplitMoon was chosen as our name as a beautiful, poetic image symbolising a miraculous spectacle taking place in the night sky, we hope it also reflects our international and open spirit.

PRODUCER Caroline Staunton

Samantha E Adams
John Mackinnon
Nicholas Mercer
Bernadette O’Brien

We also have a number of associates and members.
Registered Charity No. 1099644 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 4251953