SplitMoon passionately believes in the Ensemble ethos and the spirit of a company. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some wonderful actors over the years, forging strong relationships and bringing continuity to our work. But as permanence isn’t possible our true Ensemble will always consist of the team working on a given project.

We always aim to work from the seed towards the blossom, from the essence of the material towards the final vision. The style of performance will then hopefully grow out of this. We like to choose material that challenges our perceptions and that opens a door into the unknown. This requires our actors and team to leave their comfort zones which is testing but also liberating and rewarding.

If you feel an affinity with what we aspire to and if you believe you have the necessary skill and dedication we will be pleased to hear from you and consider you for future projects. Likewise if you are curious about our work as an audience please contact us to go on our mailing list.