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Alexanderprojekt - Part 3 - SplitMoon theatre company

Alexanderprojekt – Part 3

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Part 3 of our trilogy on Alexander the Great “The Death of Philip II” (working title) recently underwent a development phase with a cast of ten and was presented as a work in progress in London, November ’11. We hope to show the piece as part of the whole Trilogy within the next couple of years.

Hero or demon – an imaginative exploration of Alexander’s early life concluding with the assassination of his father King Philip II. There are still conflicting accounts of who was behind it – but we all know Alexander emerged as the new King of Macedonia who then carried out a ruthless purge before going on to conquer the known world.  Part 1 brings us love and revolt, Part 2 incest and revenge, and Part 3 …. ..?  It also looks at two major taboos – incest & patricide – which are repeated themes throughout the drama.

AlexanderProjekt Part 3

“If a leaf is rustled
On Paiko’s slopes
A ripple roused
In Siwa’s pools
An eyelash torn
A fibre slit
I feel & suffer it in my hip”


AlexanderProjekt Part 3

“If someone asks whence do we come
We raise our arms and say
The blue white star has fathered us
But our mother is the clay”

The Cripples

AlexanderProjekt Part 3

“Is not truth a wonderful fang
Remove it suppess it deny it –
It’s poison kills from within”


AlexanderProjekt Part 3

“If found insane
When the stars go white
We immolate them
To the Lord of Light”

Philip II

AlexanderProjekt Part 3

“Father I want wives and dynasties
Jades to stick my cocky spaniel in
And be a happy bloke”



“There’s an age old truth in what I say
A blade that goes to water in it’s Mother
Will soon be washed in fatherly blood”

Philip II