SplitMoons’ signature work to date, a new epic drama in three parts exploring the creation of one of the world’s most phenomenal figures – Alexander ‘the Great’. Written in heightened language with strong imagery, the psychogenesis of such a personality can be followed through the three parts. We witness the rites of passage of a young man who grows from adolescent to man and King within a year, Part 1 shows us love and revolt, Part 2 incest and revenge, culminating in murder in Part 3.

Alexander’s presence is still felt in modern Western culture, he is possibly the main driver behind the concept of world domination, the birth of individualism and megalomania as seen in many leaders today. What fuelled his reckless ambition for power and fame? He does not shrink back from the worst imaginable deeds to achieve his ambitions. The orginal master of spin he ruthlessly controlled how his image was portrayed.

It took the writer, Peter Stürm, twelve years to complete this trilogy. His artistic attempt to conquer the inner Alexander took exactly the same time it took the outer Alexander to conquer the whole of the known world. Be braced for shocks and for historical concepts to be challenged. Even the writer arrived at an unexpected destination at the end. Feasible possibilities are explored which cannot be discarded …..

Each age creates its own image of Alexander which reveals a great deal about that particular time, here is one for today shaped out of current world events.Try-outs of Part 1 “Killer of the Sun” and Part 2 “Dionysos Unbound” have been performed so far in London, Part 3 “The Death of Philip II” underwent a development phase in November ’11 concluding with a showing of work. We hope to produce the whole Trilogy in London in the next two years.

This is a bold and exciting new piece for a large cast with live music, if you would like to support the realisation of this project and our other work then please take a look at our Support Us page.

As an offshoot to the Trilogy, we devised an exchange project with Iranian theatre artists to explore the East / West aspect of the Alexander myth following a visit by our director to the Fadjr Theatre Festival, Tehran, with Visiting Arts. This offered the possibility to challenge prejudices on either side by bringing different versions and perspectives of the events to light, which could be very exciting creatively.  This is on hold due to political uncertaintly but we hope to bring it to life one day.

The Trilogy is a long-term project for the company and our work on vibrant international texts continues as well as our development strand working with new artists and styles.