Alexander the Great

Short film taken from our Alexander the Great trilogy. Here’s an extract from the second scene “Alexander in the Netherworld” ……….

Dusk. Alexander emerges in contemporary London. Mount Olympos turns into The Shard, Smithfield Meat Market becomes the Macedonian Palace. In this experimental Short Alexander confronts sequences from the night that is to shape his destiny.

A Prologue & three scenes form a Triptych sheding light on his father’s assassination & his relationship with his mother. The viewer whilst travelling through the ‘panels’ also travels through the ‘black frames’ with their haunting sounds creating an hypnotic experience. The final shot of the sun rising over the Thames is a metaphor for Alexander’s departure to conquer and ‘civilise’ the Eastern Empires.

“the visual implementation is very well done and shows not only solid craftsmanship, but also an aesthetic sense in terms of cinematic subject matter” Shnit Festival

Filmed on location in London 2012

Ensemble: Rasmus Mortensen, Cathy Walker, Aphrodite Evangelatou, Alex Britton, John Ioannou, Benedict Hopper, Stephen Billington, Tom Deplae.
Cinematographer: Matthias Pilz
Editor: Rodrigo Saquel
Sound Designer: Jens Rosenlund Petersen
Sound Recordist: Nikos Nikolalaios
  Nadia Lakhani
Written & directed by Peter Sturm
Produced by Caroline Staunton