A Dream for Seven Voices and a Light

Conceived by Peter Stürm

SplitMoon’s inaugural production – a young man’s Odyssey into his inner Self.

Set in the Egyptian town of Alexandria. Using a melé of different languages, the actors speak in darkness punctuated by bursts of light as they create a series of tableaux dreamt up by Elohim the young man.

With text in English, French, German, Italian & Arabic.

“An impressive multi-national company, this is a fascinating production and definitely worth catching” Camden New Journal

Theatro Technis, London 2001

Ensemble Siro Carrero, Evelyn Celerian, Will Huggins, Abbas Kazeroonian,  Dominic Letts
Composer/instrumentals Reynaldo Young
Percussion Andres M Ticino
Sound Nick Allott
Design Ana Mestre
Lighting Peter Harrison
Director’s assistant/stage manager S. Ilona H
Director Peter Stürm
Producer Caroline Staunton
Photos Peter Harrison