Dionysos Unbound

by Peter Stürm

Part 2 of our Trilogy on Alexander the Great

Myth and reality collide with devastating consequences. This explosive new drama, in verse with live music, investigates the nature of Alexander’s relationship with his mother, Olympias, and exposes the intense rivalry between him and his father King Phillip. Cycles of incest and revenge are played out against a bloody backdrop of war. The production works with allusions and subliminal images to the war in Iraq.

“The work is of great research and effort and needs to be acknowledged in its development of the story, the scripting of an epic play, and the inculcation of an ensemble company … only time with tell if this company is given the chance to develop such serious work” London Theatre Review

Bridewell Theatre, London 2008

Ensemble Myriam Archarki,  Madeline Appiah,  Yasmin Bodalbhai,  Glen Fox,  Benedict Hopper,  John Ioannou,  David Keller,  Roland John-Leopoldie,
George Tooulis (musician)
Lighting Cis O’ Boyle
Sound Steve Rafter
Movement Toby Gillingham
Costumes Natasa Stamatari
Props Kuba Wronski
Stage manager Bernd Fauler
Director Peter Stürm
Producer Caroline Staunton
Photos Rachel Ferriman