In the Jungle of Cities try out

by Bertolt Brecht

Translated by Gerhard Nellhaus

Early, rarely staged Brecht play. Controversial in it’s day and appropriate for today as we enter a similar environment economically and the extremes this can spark. Although written before Brecht formulated his political views it explores ideals v. economics, struggle of immigrants, racial tensions, poverty, in a wild and unpredictable way. A fascinating piece mixing menace and humour.

We workshopped the play with a  cast of nine and two musicians in a site-specific staging for a Reading in a church hall, as a preliminary step to a full production.

Kennington, London 2010

Ensemble Rachael Boulton, Alexander Britton, David Keller, Tom Larkin, Siobhan O’Kelly, Steven O’Toole, Jürgen Schwarz, Caroline Staunton, Ryan Wichert.
Musicians Accordion Martina Schwarz, Saxophone Ian Dingle
Props, settings, costumes David Curtis-Ring
Stage manager Johanne Stevens
Director Peter Stürm
Photos Nick Mercer