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REPERTORY - SplitMoon theatre company



From the book by F.M. Dostoevsky

"I am a nihilist, but I love beauty"
(Pyotr Verkhovensky)

In the Jungle of Cities

by Bertolt Brecht
"Love, the warmth of bodies in contact, is the only mercy shown us in the darkness"

Alexander the Great

Short film taken from our Alexander the Great trilogy. Here is an extract from the second scene "Alexander in the Netherworld" ..........

In the Jungle of Cities try out

by Bertolt Brecht
"It's a good thing to be alone.
The chaos is spent. That was the best time."

Dionysos Unbound

"My mind is like a beam of light
Projecting visions made of real stuff.
Father wind up this haunting reel -
All this hatred in our family
The shards we hold in our hands"

Killer of the Sun

"Like a smouldering fire
Madness snuffs my tent
And night by night
I wrestle with the shambles of my 'I' "


"I plant silence in your hearts
Raise beehives in your heads
And show you how to rock the clouds!"


"Nous tous plongés dans nos pensés
tout esprit tout entrailles"


(la Mere)

The Bell-Ringer of Lilybaeum

"Yes, I rise in rebellion by giving myself up
completely, far beyond what is asked, and by
giving myself up I free myself and awaken
myself to life!"
(the Son)